Threadleaf sundews in the sunshine


The graceful and wicked Drosera filiformis, commonly known as the threadleaf sundew. These plants are growing naturally along the gently sloping, sandy shoreline of a coastal plains pond on the south fork of Long Island, NY. Seen in the photos are details of the traps of the plant, a profile of one of the plants with seed pods developing on its flower stalks, the open habitat where they grow, and a prey capture of the spider wasp, Episyron biguttatus.
This location is one of Long Island’s greatest populations for this plant, and it is thanks to the local conservation groups that this land was not developed. Without their efforts, it is most certain that the habit where the plants grow would have been plowed over for waterfront housing, and manicured green lawns. Forever removing the ecosystem where these, and many other rare and unusual plants grow, with the animals that coexist with them. Photographs are from the early Summer season of 2013.


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