Sundew log


The roundleaf sundew, Drosera rotundifolia in natural habitat, deep in the Pine Barrens of Long Island, NY. The most common and widespread sundew of the northern hemisphere, it is often regarded as the quintessential sundew, as it is the most studied and familiar of them all. In the first photograph, there is a colony of these sundews growing on a fallen pitch pine tree, which is laying across a Sphagnum bog at the edge of a pond. The second photo shows a closer look at the colony, and the third photo is a detail of the plants on the fallen tree. The fourth photo shows the roundleaf sundew growing vertically on a still living tree, adjacent to the colony on the fallen tree. The final photograph is of D. rotundifolia growing in the Sphagnum bog, with vivid coloration being exposed to bright sunlight. Although it is a common species for a sundew, it is certainly one of the most adaptable, and strikingly beautiful. From the Spring 2013 season.


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